3 positions the Chargers could draft in first round, 2 they should steer clear of

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Chargers could draft: Tight end

There is a very similar argument for both the running back and tight end position. Historically, first-round tight ends don't really pan out for NFL teams and are not worth the value of a first-round pick. Instead, teams have more luck landing talented tight ends later in the draft.

All that being said, this is a truly special tight-end class that has legitimate prospects who are worth a first-round pick. Not only will we see a tight end picked in round one, we could see three picked in round one between Michael Mayer, Dalton Kincaid and Darnell Washington.

All three have their pros and their cons and who the Chargers may prioritize all depends on what they are looking for in a tight end. One thing is for certain, though, the team taking a tight end in round one is definitely on the table, if not very likely.

Gerald Everett only has one more year under contract with the Bolts and the team really is not going to have the money to re-sign him or replace him via free agency. Nobody on the roster is ready to step up as the TE1, either. This means that the Chargers need to find their next TE1 at some point in the draft.

They could wait a year to try and do that or they could capitalize on the uniquely deep tight-end class this year. Kellen Moore's offense is also predicated on having two pass-catching threats at tight end, making it even more likely.