3 positions the Chargers could draft in first round, 2 they should steer clear of

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Chargers could draft: Edge rusher

Edge rusher and wide receiver are two very similar positions for the Chargers and the logic for both positions is pretty much the same. The team has a solid starting cast but has absolutely no depth behind that starting cast and needs more help.

Chris Rumph provides some depth at edge rusher for the Chargers but it seems unlikely that he will ever blossom into a reliable every-down edge rusher. The Chargers might be looking for that in the 2023 NFL Draft and if so, it will have to come early.

There is also a multi-year plan with taking an edge rusher. The team could take a promising prospect like Will McDonald IV, or even Nolan Smith if he falls, with the intention of them being EDGE3 in their rookie season.

Then, when Khalil Mack inevitably becomes a cap casualty during the 2024 offseason, said edge rusher will be set up to instantly jump into the starting role after playing a year behind Joey Bosa and Mack.

The best teams in the league draft edge rushers almost every single year. The Chargers should be taking notice.