3 players who could follow Chad Alexander to Chargers from Jets

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2. Quinton Jefferson

Interior defensive line is another position on the Chargers roster that should be addressed in some capacity this offseason. The position is not completely bleak, but it would benefit from adding some depth, particularly of the veteran variety.

As it stands right now, Morgan Fox, Otito Ogbonnia and Scott Matlock round up the top three on the depth chart. Ogbonnia and Matlock are both young players with potential while Fox is an excellent pass rusher who has some holes in his run defense.

By making a smart free-agent signing and drafting a depth defensive lineman on day three, the Chargers can build quite the room. The Chargers should probably be looking for a veteran who can be serviceable both against the run and the pass. That is where Jefferson comes into play.

Jefferson is not going to be available at the league minimum but the Chargers could definitely bring him in for $5 million or less. The veteran defensive lineman would really allow Minter to be versatile with the packages he runs up front both in who Jefferson plays with as well as what position he plays on any given snap.

The Chargers do not need a big name to bolster the interior defensive line this offseason. All the team needs to do is sign someone like Jefferson.