3 players Chargers fans won't miss if they don't return in 2024

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Michael Davis

No player has had more ups and downs on the Chargers than Michael Davis has had in recent years. It is actually quite remarkable how the same player can look like an elite CB1 while also looking like the worst starting corner in the league at other points.

Davis looked like the latter in the 2023 season as he was a turnstile for opposing wide receivers that he was matched up again. The veteran cornerback was constantly at the center of the defensive breakdowns for the Chargers and there is no chance that the new regime in LA brings him back.

And that is for the best. Davis had worn out his welcome in LA during the season as the team pivoted to start second-year corner Deane Leonard. While Leonard was not perfect, he was much better than Davis and showed just how bad his teammate was playing. The problem was, though, that Leonard got hurt and Davis had to be put back in toward the end of the season.

The season was all but over at that point in time so it didn't hurt the Chargers but it did highlight just how bad Davis was playing. There is not a single Chargers fan who will be watching a game next season thinking "Wow, I wish we still had Michael Davis!"

We have seen cornerbacks bounce back away from the Chargers before. Casey Hayward Jr. looked like he was done then turned in two productive seasons after leaving the Bolts. That likely won't happen with Davis, as it would not be surprising if he is not on a team at all in the 2024 season.

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