3 players Chargers fans won't miss if they don't return in 2024

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The LA Chargers are kickstarting a new era in 2024. As it stands right now, the Spanos family is still looking for a new head coach and GM to steer the ship with many fans hoping that it will be Jim Harbaugh and his GM of choice.

If the Chargers make the right hires and put together a strong offseason then there absolutely is a chance they can rebound from a 5-12 season to be a contender once more. After all, anything is possible with Justin Herbert.

In this transition phase into a new era there is going to be a lot of roster turnover. There are a lot of players whose contracts have expired in LA and while it will hurt to see some players leave, there are other players that fans can't wait to kick out the door.

3 players Chargers fans won't miss if they don't return in 2024:

Kenneth Murray

No matter which way you spin it, Kenneth Murray's Chargers career has been a failure. The Chargers traded back into the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft to take Murray and he never played up to the draft capital that the team traded for him.

It looked like Murray was ready for a breakout season in 2023 but he was ultimately more of the same. Murray had more promising moments and well-played games than in previous years, but he still did not live up to the expectations.

Murray is now a free agent and the Chargers may undergo a complete overhaul at the linebacker position. If Murray leaves he will not be leaving in the same way that Kyzir White and Drue Tranquill left, as fans actually missed those players. Murray is, unfortunately for him, very replaceable.