3 players Chargers fans can't wait to see leave the AFC West this offseason

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3. Cameron Fleming

The Denver Broncos do not have that many substantial free agents this offseason. To be fair, Denver also does not have as much talent as the other teams in the AFC West, so they naturally are not going to lose as many assets this offseason.

Despite that, the Broncos still do not have much cap space to spend as they currently have just over $9 million in salary-cap space. I guess that is what happens when you trade for and extend an over-the-hill mobile quarterback who instantly disappointed in his first season.

Perhaps the biggest impending free agent for the Broncos this offseason is right tackle, Cameron Fleming. Fleming is by no means an elite tackle in the NFL but he was arguably the best member of an offensive line that struggled to give Russ time last season.

If there is one thing we know it is that Russ is not very good against pressure and if the Broncos cannot properly replace Fleming then there could be a massive leak on the right side. Without a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Denver's ability to patch up that right side is hindered.

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Fleming played really well against the Chargers both times he faced them in 2022, allowing just one pressure in each game. Those are big shoes for his replacement to fill and there is a good chance that Joey Bosa could wreak havoc against that side of Denver's O-line next year.