3 players Chargers fans are glad to see leaving the AFC West in 2023

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Derek Carr

I know what you are thinking: Chargers fans should be rooting for Derek Carr to stay in the AFC West as the Las Vegas Raiders have not done much with him at quarterback. While that is true, Carr is not the reason why that is the case.

While Carr is undeniable overrated by his brother, most NFL media underrates Carr. He is by no means an elite quarterback but he is a slightly better version of Kirk Cousins. With the right team around him, he could guide a team to play winning football. With there being so many bad quarterbacks in the league, it is a luxury for a team like the Raiders to have that.

Instead, they are going to ignore all of the other problems with the franchise and are going to solely place it on Carr. The team will likely get rid of him and that is great news for the Chargers as there really is not a great contingency plan in place.

Who is Vegas going to bring in to replace Carr? The best-case scenario for the team is probably someone like Tom Brady and we have all seen how Brady has played this season. He is no longer someone to fear and would be the third-best quarterback in the division.

And that is the best-case scenario. It is very likely that the Raiders get stuck with someone much worse than Carr and shortly realize how big of a mistake it was to part ways with him as if he was the problem all along. Of course, this is all great for the Chargers.

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The grass is not always greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it. The Raiders have not been watering their own lawn for years.