3 players Chargers fans are glad to see leaving the AFC West in 2023

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Orlando Brown Jr.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a massive shake-up last offseason when the team traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins to remain financially flexible. For the most part, that was a great move by the Chiefs who got a first-round pick out of it and still dominated in the AFC.

Granted, we will see what happens in the playoffs as there could be a time in which the Chiefs miss Hill's game-breaking ability in a key spot. But so far, it looks like this trade has not hindered Kansas City nearly in the way that they thought it would.

The Chiefs won't endure as big of a shake-up this offseason but they will still see some prominent names find new homes. Kansas City is not strapped for cash but they also are not going to have a large sum of money to spend when you factor in the 2023 draft pool.

Thus, the team might have to part ways with left tackle Orlando Brown Jr, who is naturally going to demand a hefty price as a prominent left tackle in the sport. Kansas City is actually better off not overspending for Brown as there will naturally be a 10-20% inflation on his price as a free agent.

This is going to put the Chiefs in a situation to find a replacement left tackle and the Chargers just have to hope that the replacement isn't very good. Kansas City did an excellent job of rebuilding the offensive line after the Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chargers fans must hope that does not happen again.