3 players Chargers must make room for on 53-man roster

These Chargers have looked great in training camp and the preseason

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The LA Chargers are going to have to cut the roster down all the way to 53 players by next Tuesday to gear up for the start of the 2023 season. It is going to be a particularly tough cut this year as there have been a lot of backend roster standouts thus far in camp and the preseason.

There are naturally going to be players that get left out of the 53-man roster that fans thought were a lock. That is simply the nature of the beast in building an NFL roster. However, in a perfect world, the Bolts would make room for these particular standouts.

3 players Chargers must make room for on 53-man roster:

1. Elijah Dotson

Elijah Dotson's stock cooled off a tad after the second preseason game of the year. Dotson had an outstanding first preseason game and it looked like he guaranteed a roster spot in the process. He had to continue putting together good showings, though, and he did not do that against the Saints.

That being said, Dotson has recognizable athleticism and skills that jump off the screen and should translate well to the NFL. While he might not be the RB1 or RB2, he absolutely could add value as a change-of-pace back.

In reality, the Chargers will likely end up signing Dotson to the practice squad and bring him up in case they need some help. However, there is a way to get him on the roster.

How the Chargers can get Elijah Dotson on the 53-man roster:

Room can be made for Dotson by cutting Zander Horvath. Kellen Moore isn't someone who utilizes the fullback position very much and that could end up hurting Horvath. Granted, he has special teams value but if the Chargers really wanted to keep Dotson they could find someone to replace Horvath on special teams.

All that being said, it is more likely that Horvath makes the team and Dotson ends up on the practice squad just because of how the Chargers operate.