Patriots fans are laughably convincing themselves J.C. Jackson will leave Chargers

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J.C. Jackson's first season with the LA Chargers did not go as planned after signing a massive deal as a free agent the following spring. Jackson's Chargers debut was delayed after a last-minute surgery that was performed right before the start of the 2022 season.

Jackson struggled once he entered the fold for the Bolts. There were several instances of blown coverages that burnt the Chargers, leaving many fans to wonder if it was worth signing Jackson to the massive contract.

Things got worse in Week 7 against the Seattle Seahawks as Jackson ruptured his patellar tendon in his knee. This is an injury that typically dooms NFL players, making Jackson's future in Los Angeles less than clear.

All of this has led to New England Patriots fans convincing themselves that Jackson will somehow leave the Chargers this offseason and come back to New England. We wish we were kidding. Patriots fans thought they found some sort of subtle messaging by Jackson on his Instagram, when in reality, the conspiracy theory is completely off-base.

Jackson has never had any posts on his Instagram and only uses the story feature. There were no Chargers photos to delete from his feed and he literally still has the Chargers in his bio. As far as the Patriots photos? Those were posted to celebrate the five-year anniversary of Jackson winning the Super Bowl in his rookie season.

J.C. Jackson is not leaving the Chargers any time soon.

All of the Patriots fans that are replying to the initial tweet above thinking that Jackson is going to return are missing the fact that he just signed a five-year contract with the Chargers. It does not matter how bad his first season went, Jackson is not going anywhere.

The Chargers probably would consider moving on from Jackson if this was later in his deal and there was a small dead cap hit. That is not the reality of the situation and for better or worse, Jackson will remain in Los Angeles for the upcoming season and several seasons to come.

If Jackson can return from injury and play quality football in the second half of the 2023 season then the Chargers could boast one of the best cornerback rooms in the entire sport. The trio of Michael Davis, Asante Samuel Jr. and a healthy Jackson is still extremely tough to compete against.

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Granted, that is assuming that Jackson not only returns in 2023 but can play at the same level that he was playing prior to joining the Chargers. That may not be a certainty but one thing that is for certain is that Jackson is not going anywhere anytime soon.