Notorious Justin Herbert hater is sadly still grasping at straws, throwing shade

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The Chargers hit the proverbial lottery when the Miami Dolphins passed on him in the 2020 NFL Draft and drafted Tua Tagovailoa instead. It is impossible to fault the Dolphins, as Tua looked to be the better prospect, and the team has done a good job at making that quarterback situation work.

But when it comes down to it, most NFL pundits (without ties to the Dolphins) would agree that Herbert is the better quarterback. If you put Herbert on the Dolphins they would definitely be better and if you put Tua on the Chargers they would definitely be worse.

Not everyone has that take, however. Fox Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho made a name for himself during the 2022 season by calling Justin Herbert a social media quarterback. Acho ignored the tape and all of the great numbers that Herbert was producing just to bash the quarterback in order to prop Tagovailoa up.

Acho received his (deserved) backlash for the take and he slowed down on the Herbert hate train. That being said, every so often the one-hit wonder comes back and plays his favorite tune and Acho did just that on Thursday. For no reason other than his own amusement, Acho decided to fire shots at Herbert, who hasn't played in nearly a month because of a finger injury.

Emmanuel Acho's sad Justin Herbert schtick won't end

Why would Acho take a random shot at a quarterback who is out for the season with an injury ahead of the most consequential week of the regular season? To get people like us talking about it, so I guess he succeeded in that regard.

That is all this Justin Herbert schtick has become for Acho. Acho found the one take that he could somewhat pass off as legitimate that garnered a reaction from the Chargers fanbase and the NFL world. It is his job to get eyeballs on his television show, so that is what he is attempting to do.

Unfortunately, every time he goes back to that well he continues to make himself look more and more uninformed. The true pioneers of the sports media world know when to give up on a take and bounce to the next one to get a reaction. Acho hasn't been able to do that. He is sticking to the one take that gets his name mentioned in articles like these.

And good for him, I guess. If his end goal is to get a Chargers website to write about him then he accomplished that. If anything, this is providing comedic entertainment for Chargers fans, as the guy simply won't stop spewing one of the worst takes in sports media.

Maybe we all need to band together and workshop a better hot take that Acho can hitch his wagon to. This schtick is getting pretty old.

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