6 notable former Chargers who are still without a team

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Bryan Bulaga
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Bryan Bulaga

Bryan Bulaga completed the trifecta of signings in the 2020 offseason that were lauded by fans and analysts alike. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely on the Bulaga train and purchased a first-class ticket. Injuries simply caught up with him at the wrong time and he never became what the Chargers needed him to become.

There were not the signs there that were present with Joseph and Harris. Bulaga was playing pretty well in Green Bay and really was not showing any signs of regression. Of course, injuries are more likely when you get older, but Bulaga did not have any super concerning signs when he signed with the Chargers.

It really is not rocket science to see why Bulaga has not signed with a team yet this offseason and his future in the league all depends on his health. There will be injuries or underperforming players in training camp and there undoubtedly will be teams interesting in bringing on offensive tackle help.

If Bulaga is healthy by then and passes a physical then he will probably end up signing with whatever team needs tackle depth. However, there is also the chance that his health doesn't come back around and if so, his NFL career is likely over.

At the end of the day, the Chargers signed Bulaga, Harris and Joseph with the money that the team was saving for Tom Brady. The signings may not have worked out, and Brady may have won a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, but it is impossible to be unhappy considering the Chargers may get multiple Super Bowls out of Justin Herbert.