NFL standings ordered by defensive yards: Chargers bottom out the pack

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

There have been a myriad of issues that have plagued the LA Chargers in the 2023 season that have resulted in a 4-7 record. Perhaps the most consistent issue that has hurt the team this season is the defense, which is painfully ironic considering Brandon Staley is meant to be a defensive-minded head coach.

There have been good moments for the defense against subpar quarterbacks like Tyson Bagent and Zach Wilson but overall, the results have not been great. Regardless of how confident Staley likes to be about his defense, the numbers never lie.

And the numbers say the Chargers are not just one of the worst defensive teams in the league, but the worst.

NFL standings ordered by points allowed per game:


  1. Cleveland Browns - 247.9
  2. Baltimore Ravens - 273.9
  3. Kansas City Chiefs - 290
  4. Miami Dolphins - 305.2
  5. New England Patriots - 316.8
  6. Buffalo Bills - 319.9
  7. New York Jets - 323.5
  8. Tennessee Titans - 335.4
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars - 342.4
  10. Las Vegas Raiders - 343.8
  11. Houston Texans - 347.6
  12. Indianapolis Colts - 353
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers - 354.4
  14. Denver Broncos - 388.2
  15. Cincinnati Bengals - 389.3
  16. LA Chargers - 390.6

To no surprise, the Chargers have the worst defense in the entire AFC in terms of yards allowed per game. Even with the easy matchups like Bagent, Wilson and Aidan O'Connell in his first career start, the Chargers defense is allowing, on average, almost 400 yards per game.

Perhaps the most shocking team in the AFC, though, is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are touted as being this great defensive team and while part of the equation is an underwhelming offense, it is shocking to see them at the bottom with the Chargers.

It isn't just the bottom of the AFC, though. The Bengals and Chargers have allowed the two most yards per game of any NFL team this season.


  1. Dallas Cowboys - 276.3
  2. San Francisco 49ers - 295.3
  3. Carolina Panthers - 304.5
  4. Chicago Bears - 318.5
  5. Detroit Lions - 318.8
  6. New Orleans Saints - 320.3
  7. Minnesota Vikings - 320.3
  8. Atlanta Falcons - 321.1
  9. LA Rams - 331.2
  10. Green Bay Packers - 340.3
  11. Philadelphia Eagles - 341
  12. Seattle Seahawks - 348.5
  13. Arizona Cardinals - 358.5
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 363.7
  15. New York Giants - 364.3
  16. Washington Commanders - 377.7

There are definitely some surprises in the NFC. It is no surprise that Dallas and San Francisco have the two best defenses in the conference as that has been a big reason why both of those teams are so successful.

However, seeing Carolina and Chicago on the list that high certainly is a surprise. Carolina is the worst team in the league yet has allowed the third-fewest yards in the NFC and the sixth-fewest overall. That is a bad look for Bryce Young.