NFL Rumors: Trade target linked to Chiefs should frighten Chargers fans

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Last offseason the LA Chargers were involved in several different NFL rumors because of how much money the team had to spend. Some of those rumors ended up coming true, such as the team's reported interest in signing cornerback J.C. Jackson.

This offseason is different for the Chargers as the team is not in a favorable position with the salary cap. Instead of being big spenders, the Chargers are going to be figuring out how they can simply keep the impact players on the roster who are free agents.

The rest of the AFC West can improve, though, and there are legitimately concerning NFL rumors involving the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City always seems to find a way to add elite talent to the roster one way or another and now they have been tied to DeAndre Hopkins, who is likely going to be traded this offseason. NFL insider Benjamin Allbright breaks down why:

Kansas City is obviously the beast that needs to be slain in the AFC West and they were able to win a Super Bowl without a top-tier receiver in 2022. If they can add a new one in Hopkins then it is going to be a problem for the Chargers and the rest of the AFC.

NFL Rumors: Do Chargers fans really have to worry about DeAndre Hopkins to the Chiefs?

Yes, Chargers fans should be worried. As it stands right now, the Kansas City Chiefs are $3.5 million over the salary cap, per Over The Cap. That being said, the Chiefs have the ability to free up salary-cap space and make enough room to absorb Hopkins if they so please.

Kansas City has the least dead money in the entire league (Chargers are second) with only $98,428 in dead money as it stands right now. That gives the team plenty of leeway to make cap casualties if they need to without it breaking the bank.

The Chiefs' simple restructure potential this offseason is $60.5 million. Kansas City obviously is not going to restructure every possible contract this offseason but they are in a spot where they have more financial freedom than it may seem.

Hopkins' cap hit if he is traded to the Chiefs would be $19.45 million in 2023 and $14.9 million in 2024. With the wide receiver contracts that are now given out, that is an absolute steal (and with no long-term risk) for a team like the Chiefs.

Kansas City also has its own third-round pick as well as two fourth-round picks, making it easier for the team to part ways with a day-two pick to bring Hopkins in.

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DeAndre Hopkins being traded to the Chiefs is certainly possible and if he is already being tied to Kansas City then it should be pretty worrisome for Chargers fans.