4 new Chargers trade targets after Week 5 action

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4. Samaje Perine

The Denver Broncos hosted the New York Jets in a game that looked like it was going to be very juicy when Aaron Rodgers was healthy. Instead, Nathaniel Hackett's revenge game against his former team got buried in the late slate on Sunday with nobody really caring.

However, the game was still significant as both struggling teams entered with a 1-3 record needing a win. Much like the 0-2 matchup between the Chargers and Vikings in Week 3, the winner of this game could spin it into momentum while the loser would start realizing that the 2023 season likely won't end with a playoff berth.

The Jets ultimately emerged victoriously and it might be time for Sean Payton to start looking ahead at potentially having a chance at Caleb Williams. Denver has a 1-4 record and has only beaten the 1-4 Bears, making the team the worst in the AFC.

Even before the Broncos lost this game it was reported that the team would pursue potential trades depending on how October went. With October starting on the wrong foot, it is safe to say that trades will happen.

As far as the Chargers are concerned, running back Samaje Perine is the most realistic option. Perine signed a cheap two-year deal that has an out after the 2023 season. He would be a great veteran back to add to the mix that would also provide depth for 2024 (with both Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley being free agents after 2023).

Perine's best trait is his pass-catching ability, which is something the Chargers really lack outside of Ekeler. Perine would be a perfect third running back to add to the mix with Ekeler and Kelley. Denver doesn't really have much of a use for him as Jordan McLaughlin has proven to be the more reliable option for the team while Javonte Williams has been banged up.