4 new Chargers trade targets after Week 5 action

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
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3. Troy Hill

The Carolina Panthers are officially the last winless team in the NFL after getting whacked by the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The Chicago Bears also entered the week winless but were able to get a huge win over the Washington Commanders.

It does not appear that the Panthers are going to get into the win column anytime soon, either. Carolina takes on the Miami Dolphins next week before heading into the bye week. That is perfect timing for the team to trade any of its assets for whatever it can get.

Thus, the Panthers should be reaching out to the Chargers to see if they want to trade for someone with connections to Brandon Staley. The Chargers did just trade a cornerback, after all, and the Bolts may want to add depth. What better way to add depth than to trade for someone who is very familiar with Staley's defense?

Hill played under Staley on the 2020 LA Rams and played a big role in that secondary's success. He is by no means someone who will completely revolutionze the position group for the Bolts but he absolutely could provide quality depth.

Hill's versatility would also be very useful for the Chargers considering the status of the secondary. The 32-year-old veteran has played 71 snaps in the slot, 55 snaps out wide and 22 snaps in the box. The Chargers could absolutely get him for a late-round pick swap, similar to what New England traded to get Jackson.