NFL Rumors: Stars are aligning for Chargers to trade for polarizing WR

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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Trades in the NFL are not as prominent as other professional sports leagues but that does not stop the NFL Rumors from circling during the year. Playoff-hopeful teams like the LA Chargers are going to be tied to any potential trade acquisition that could improve the roster.

The Chargers historically are not a team that adds talent in-season at the deadline but that could change in 2023. Both Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley are operating with their jobs on the line this season. That could prompt the team to make a swing at the deadline to add talent.

After all, if the team is willing to use a seventh-round pick on a quarterback only to cut him before the season then the Bolts should also be willing to trade late-round draft capital for immediate help. Hoarding those picks only to waste them with bad selections isn't doing anything.

The Chargers should not shy away from any trades that make sense and there is a compelling, polarizing wide receiver that has future Charger written all over him. Chase Claypool's days with the Chicago Bears appear to be limited as he was told to stay home in Week 4 and will remain away from the Bears for the foreseeable future.

NFL Rumors: Chargers make perfect sense for a Chase Claypool trade

Whether fans want to see this happen or not, it is impossible to refute that all of the connective tissue is there for the Chargers to make a play at Claypool. The previous trades with Chicago, the athletic profile that the Chargers value in receivers, and the fact that Mike Williams is out for the year and Quentin Johnston may not be ready.

Claypool's NFL career has not quite panned out thus far but at his best, he is someone who can make contested catches down the field. He might not be on the same level as Williams but stylistically, he is a perfect replacement to take Williams' snaps.

While recent events have hurt Claypool's stock, he is still a 25-year-old receiver who put up back-to-back 800-yard seasons in his first two years in the league. After that, he has been in terrible situations as he had to deal with the mediocre quarterbacks in Pittsburgh before being traded to Chicago, who arguably has the worst passing quarterback in the sport.

Claypool could be reinvigorated in an offense like the Chargers' with a quarterback like Justin Herbert. He has to come into the situation with an open mind and understand he is not the WR1 and if he can do that then he still can be very impactful for an NFL contender.

Yes, it is a gamble but the Chargers are a team that is looking to contend for a Super Bowl this season. If there was ever a season to take this kind of risk it is now. Claypool would undoubtedly help the Chargers' receiving room while also giving Johnston more time to develop without rushing him into too big of a role.