NFL Rumors: Chargers' Kellen Moore may already be leaving for HC job

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers
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The NFL Rumors that most Chargers fans are concerned about are about who might replace Brandon Staley when he is eventually let go. Barring a miracle run to the NFL Playoffs, Staley is likely going to get the boot after the 2023 season.

This will put the Chargers in yet another head coaching search just three years after the team was trying to hire the perfect head coach for Justin Herbert. That may not be the only coaching search that the Chargers have to endure, though.

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was hired by the Bolts during the spring after he and the Dallas Cowboys parted ways. While it has not been perfect, Moore has had a positive impact on the Chargers offense and has certainly created a more well-rounded product than Joe Lombardi did.

This is rightfully catching the attention of the rest of the league as Moore is already considered to be a strong candidate for one of the upcoming offseason coaching searches.

NFL Rumors: Kellen Moore may leave Chargers for Panthers head coaching job

Moore's tenure with the Chargers may ultimately last just one season as he continues his journey up the coaching ladder in the NFL. Moore was already receiving head coaching buzz last offseason and after another strong year, he may be a shoo-in to get a job somewhere.

The Panthers job is probably the worst in the sport as they are the worst team in the league, have a rookie quarterback that they might have missed on, and don't even have their first-round pick in 2024. However, a head coaching job is a head coaching job and you cannot fault Moore for making the jump.

Depending on what happens this offseason, this could be a big loss for the Chargers or it might be something that naturally gets replaced. If the Bolts repeat history and shockingly give Staley another year then losing Moore will be a dagger. However, if the team does move on from Staley, it might be able to knock out two birds with one stone with the head coaching hire.

The most notable coordinator attached to the potential Chargers head coach opening is Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. If Johnson was hired by the Bolts he would naturally take over offensive play-calling anyway, so there really would be no need for Moore.

Heck, if the Chargers went big and brought in Jim Harbaugh he would likely want to bring in his own offensive coaches, leaving Moore on the outside looking in.

But if the team hires another defensive-minded coach, or gives Staley another year, then it is going to be a nightmare replacing Moore. Hopefully, the front office has enough self-awareness to replace Moore with a strong offensive-minded head coach.

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