NFL Rumors: Chargers' interest in All-Pro is much more real after restructures

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NFL free agency is right around the corner, prompting the NFL rumors to grow in size. As far as the LA Chargers are concerned, it did not seem like the team would actually be in any realistic scenarios where they could add significant external talent to the roster.

Thus, any rumors around players that the Bolts were interested in were taken lightly by the fanbase. How could a team that was $20 million+ over the salary cap going to realistically bring in a big-name free agent?

Well, they can do so after making extremely bold restructuring decisions. The Chargers have restructured Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack and according to Over The Cap, now have $19 million in salary-cap space. This does not factor in the draft class pool or having an in-season budget but the Bolts also have more cuts they can make.

Now, the rumors that tied certain big-name players to the Bolts actually fall into the realm of possibility.

NFL Rumors around Chargers, Bobby Wagner seem much more legitimate

There is actually a possibility that the LA Chargers could bring in the former All-Pro linebacker to replace Drue Tranquill this offseason. The Chargers now have the means to afford someone like Wagner, so the interest has to be taken seriously.

While it is possible, it probably is not the best use of the new funds that the Chargers have. Wagner is on the downslope of his career while Tranquill has an upwards trajectory. If the team is going to pay a similar amount to bring Wagner in then they might as well re-sign Tranquill.

The only benefit of Wagner (outside of his run defense still being solid) is that it is more likely that he would sign a one-year deal with the Bolts whereas Tranquill is going to go after a multi-year deal.

Many teams likely won't offer Wagner a multi-year contract because of his age. This could be important to the Chargers considering the massive cap hits the team will have in 2024 because of the restructures.

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Regardless, this is a move that seemed impossible when it was first reported on but now that the Chargers have the made the subsequent salary-cap decisions it all makes sense. It is far from a guarantee but it certainly is not impossible.