NFL Rumors: 2 huge names may become a real option for Chargers head coach

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The LA Chargers are faced with a massive decision that will shape the future of the organization this winter. Both Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco were relieved of their duties, creating two of the most intriguing job openings in the entire sport.

As it stands right now, the big name that is heavily attached to the Chargers is Michigan's Jim Harbaugh. Every day there seems to be a new development in the Harbaugh saga, with the most recent development being that he hired Don Yee to represent him this winter. Yee, for those unaware, has a history with the Chargers.

As great as hiring Harbaugh would be, there is always the possibility that he decided to stay at Michigan. Thus, the Chargers have to prepare and establish a plan B, assuming that Harbaugh truly is the team's main priority.

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is the hottest non-Harbaugh name on the coaching circuit but that may soon change. NFL insider Josina Anderson has teased that a surprise change could be happening soon in the NFC East and that has Chargers fans' imagination running wild.

2 big-name coaches may become possibilities for the LA Chargers

Ron Rivera has long been expected to get fired after this season in Washington so that does not fall under this tease. Instead, the two names that many fans have considered are New York's Brian Daboll and Philadelphia's Nick Sirianni.

But Daboll was the Coach of the Year and Sirianni just reached the Super Bowl! There is no way either team would move on from one of these two, right? On paper, it makes absolutely no sense, but that is what makes it a surprise in the first place.

Fans have to understand the context of this tease as well. The Giants are coming off a back-breaking loss to the LA Rams in which Daboll's in-game decisions are being questioned. New York is a very disappointing 5-11 and as we see every year in the NFL, nobody is totally safe. That includes last year's Coach of the Year.

The Eagles, meanwhile, just suffered an inexcusable loss to the Arizona Cardinals that not only took the No. 1 seed out of play but thrust Philly all the way down to the wild card. This season hasn't been great for the Eagles and has been filled with drama. That, perhaps, could open the door for Sirianni to get the boot.

Sirianni coached on the Chargers staff for many years before advancing up the coaching ladder and Daboll was the hire that many fans expected the team to make back in 2021. If either of these names were on the market then they would be legitimate candidates (and near the top of the list) for the Chargers' head coaching vacancy.

Harbaugh is obviously the best-case scenario and neither of these options would be better than him. But as a potential fallback? A Super Bowl coach and recent Coach of the Year definitely is not a bad shout.

Heck, in a perfect world, Daboll wouldn't have any head coaching interest and the Chargers could bring him in to coach Justin Herbert and the offense. Now that would be the biggest win imaginable for the team.

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