NFL Rumors: Chargers could be gifted a perfect cheap free agent from Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers do not find themselves in a great salary-cap position this offseason. After being one of the most prominent spenders in the league in 2021, the Chargers are in a position where they have to cut more expenses than add more expenses this offseason.

That does not mean the team cannot bring in any external free agents, though. Los Angeles is just going to have to be stingy with the external free agents they bring in as they won't be able to bring in many. The ones they do sign are going to have to be cheap, as even with the ability to free up $36 million they cannot spend big.

We are starting to see cap casualties throughout the NFL as teams look to get cap compliant by next Wednesday. Among those cuts could be Leonard Floyd, who would be the perfect cheap free agent for the Bolts. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Rams are planning to release Floyd if they cannot first find a trade partner for the edge rusher.

NFL Rumors: Chargers would instantly consider signing Leonard Floyd this offseason.

Leonard Floyd is no longer in the prime of his career so it is not like the Chargers would be getting a fantastic third edge rusher. However, he would still add fantastic value as a rotational edge rusher that allows Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack to not only stay fresh but to play some snaps on the inside on pass-rushing downs.

Because Floyd is past his prime he is likely going to be available for a cheap price. It also is not absurd to thing that Floyd would potentially take slightly less money from the Chargers because of all the positive things about that partnership.

First of all, Floyd would be staying in Los Angeles and would not have to uproot himself or his family and move across the country. Secondly, the Chargers are very much a playoff contender and would give Floyd something to play for. Most important, though, is his ties to head coach Brandon Staley.

Floyd played under Staley not only in Los Angeles but in Chicago as well. Staley has made it very obvious that he loves bringing back former players that he coached and Floyd could be the latest example. That connection alone is why the team may pursue someone like Floyd instead of re-signing a different veteran, like Kyle Van Noy.

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Of course, if Floyd's namesake alone carries him to getting a more expensive deal then the Chargers will not be able to afford this reunion with Staley. That being said, someone like Melvin Ingram only got a $4 million contract last offseason and Floyd should likely get less than that.