NFL power rankings: Where the LA Chargers rank before training camp

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NFL power rankings, teams 17-13:

17. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were the no. 1 seed in the AFC last season but ultimately fell short in the Divisional Round when Ryan Tannehill forgot how to play quarterback against the Cincinnati Bengals. It is never a great spot when the ceiling of your team is decided by a running back but that is the spot the Titans are in.

16. Indianapolis Colts

Speaking of a team's ceiling being influenced by a running back, the Indianapolis Colts are in the exact same situation. The Colts are better at QB with Matt Ryan (although I do think he is overrated at this point) and they have a solid defense. However, outside of Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman, the weapons in Indy are rough.

15. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are easily the worst team in the loaded AFC West and while I rank them 15th in these NFL power rankings, I do think the Raiders will finish with a losing 8-9 record. The offense has the potential to be really fun but the defense is going to be bad with a horrendous secondary in place. They will be like last year's Chargers but without the elite QB under center.

14. New England Patriots

Mac Jones has a talented roster as well as the greatest head coach of all time in his corner to help him succeed. The Patriots will play winning football simply because of that, but quite frankly, if Davis Mills was their quarterback then maybe their ceiling would be a bit higher. I am not joking in saying that.

13. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has an explosive offense and now has some playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. The problem is that they have on of the worst head coaches in the league and that consistently shines through when you watch them play. Dallas fans will hate this ranking, but it is hard to love them after watching that 49ers playoff loss last year.