NFL power rankings: Where the LA Chargers rank before training camp

LA Chargers
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On paper, the LA Chargers are one of the most talented teams in the league. The Chargers had a tremendous offseason in which they filled most of the holes on the roster and now, have two complete sides of the football.

Obviously, the Chargers have to go out and prove that they are as talented as they look to be on paper. There have been times in the past when the results don't match the expectations, but this season feels different. Regardless, it is really hard to not like the Chargers heading into the season and that raises the question...

Where do the LA Chargers stand in our NFL power rankings before training camp?

32. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are going to be a really bad football team next season and luckily the LA Chargers get to play them. Atlanta has one of the most talent-deprived rosters in the league and their veteran quarterback to help bridge the gap to Desmond Ridder is Marcus Mariota. You are not going to win many games when that is the case.

31. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are also talent deprived but are a year ahead of the Falcons when it comes to the "tearing the team down and rebuilding" phase. I also might catch some slack for this, but I do legitimately think that Davis Mills is a better quarterback than Mac Jones, so take that with what you may.

30. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears traded up to take who I thought had the highest ceiling in the 2022 NFL Draft in Justin Fields. Everything they have done since then has been contradicting as Fields has perhaps the least amount of help of any QB in the league. Way to set up your young quarterback for success, Chicago!

29. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are also a mess and Matt Rhule is probably going to be the first coach fired this season unless he pulls off a miracle. Maybe that miracle is trading for Baker Mayfield and having him go on a massive revenge tour and play the best football of his career. Or they can just run it back with Sam Darnold and win four games.

28. Seattle Seahawks

Another potential Baker Mayfield destination, the Seattle Seahawks moved on from Russell Wilson this offseason and now enter a new era of the franchise. However, despite essentially committing to tanking by trading Wilson, it does not seem like the Seahawks actually want to tank.