NFL News: Chargers make more staff changes, Broncos hire DC, Titans' cut spree

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

It is the calm before the storm in the NFL between the Super Bowl and the NFL Combine. Once the NFL Combine begins, NFL news is going to start hitting at a rapid rate as it will take fans into NFL free agency as well as the 2023 NFL Draft.

There is going to be plenty of news about the LA Chargers during this stretch as the team will be getting out of its financial pickle while still trying to improve the roster for next season. It is a complicated equation that Tom Telesco and co. are going to have to master.

Before then, there is still plenty of news about the Chargers, the rest of the AFC West and the NFL as a whole. Even when the NFL is calm, there is a lot going on.

NFL news roundup: Chargers part ways with head trainer

It was reported on Thursday that the LA Chargers were parting ways with head trainer Damon Mitchell. Mitchell has been with the team for over 20 years and had the head trainer role for six of those years.

The Chargers were coming off of an extremely injury plagued season that kept them from reaching their ceiling as a football team. Brandon Staley and the front office have decided to go a different direction as a result.

NFL news roundup: Broncos hire Vance Joseph as defensive coordinator

It actually looked for a minute that the Denver Broncos would be making the hilarious decision to hire Matt Patricia as the team's next defensive coordinator. That ultimately did not come to be as the team instead decided to reunite with someone who has spent time in Denver before.

Denver hired Vance Joseph, who was the team's head coach in 2017 and 2018, to be defensive coordinator. Joseph spent the last four seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL news roundup: Titans go on a cutting spree to save money

It is clear that the Tennessee Titans are turning a new leaf this offseason as they enter a new era under new general manager Ran Cathron. Tennessee had a lot of cap space to create with cap casualties and committed to freeing up that space this week.

The Titans have released Taylor Lewan, Robert Woods and Reggie Bullock to free up $38 million in cap space this offseason. Ryan Tannehill's future is also up in the air and these moves may confirm that his future will not be in Tennessee.