NFL mock draft 2024: Predicting Chargers' day 2 picks after taking Joe Alt

Notre Dame v Stanford
Notre Dame v Stanford / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The LA Chargers shocked the fanbase by taking Notre Dame tackle Joe Alt with the fifth pick. While Alt is undoubtedly a great talent, many fans were expecting the Chargers to go with a receiver or to trade back in the draft.

Even though the Chargers have already smashed fans' expectations, now it is time to turn to day two of the draft on Friday and predict what will happen next. The Chargers have firmly reminded fans that anything can happen, but we can still take a guess on what the team might do based on how the draft board may fall.

In order to conduct this mock draft, we used Pro Football Network's mock draft simulator, which allowed us to jump right into the second round after all of the results of the first round. Without further ado, let's jump into the mock.

Chargers draft Cooper DeJean 37th overall in NFL mock draft

It did not seem like there was any chance that Cooper DeJean would fall to the 37th pick prior to the Chargers. But here we are after the first round of the draft and DeJean is still on the board with a decent chance to fall to the Bolts.

There are still some enticing receivers on the board as well as other talented defensive players who could be taken before DeJean. DeJean has round one talent with elite athleticism but his injury status definitely hurt his stock.

While DeJean got hurt last year at Iowa, he is a starting-caliber player who was healthy enough to have a great pro day. DeJean would start right away in Jesse Minter's defense and if the Chargers are truly going best player available then he is an easy selection.

Chargers draft Roman Wilson with 69th pick in NFL mock draft

This would be an ideal situation for the Chagrers. After landing a starting-caliber corner with Pro Bowl potential in his future, the team would be drafting a complementary wide receiver who would bolster the depleted wide receiver room.

Wilson is not WR1 material and the Chargers would still enter the season without a true top receiver. That being said, he is a very athletic wideout who could utilize his elusiveness and route running to open up the field for the Chargers.

Wilson particularly fits in LA as he would be a dynamic weapon to use in the play-action passing game. The Chargers are trying to emphasize running the ball more, which will improve the play-action game and open a lot of the field for Wilson.

The Michigan wideout is familiar with Jim Harbaugh and has the traits to be a very productive rookie who can be a key member (albeit not a bona fide top receiver) of this Chargers offense for years to come.

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