NFL insider all but confirms Chargers won't fire Brandon Staley with odd report

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time all season, it actually felt like there was a chance that the LA Chargers would part ways with Brandon Staley after losing to the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. The loss was ugly, pushed the Chargers out of the playoff picture with a 4-6 record and included a press conference outburst from Staley that was uglier than the game itself.

There were no reports of Staley being let go on Monday morning, which guarantees that he will stick around at least for another week. If the Chargers were going to move on from Staley it would have been reported first thing Monday morning.

Instead of reporting on the Chargers going another direction at head coach, NFL insider Ian Rapoport instead decided to take the time to compliment Staley. During a segment on 'The Insiders', Rapoport called Staley "one of the better" defensive coaches in the league and said that the defense was not a problem on Sunday.

This was a weird thing for Rapoport to say considering the numbers literally go against his entire point. The Chargers have allowed the fourth-most points per game since Staley was hired and the defense ranks 31st in EPA/play this year.

It is important to not only digest what Rapoport is saying in this clip, but why he is saying it in the first place. There is a reason why Rapoport took time out of his show to go on this (incorrect) Staley tangent. He was relaying information, likely from the team, to the fanbase without outright saying it.

Ian Rapoport all but confirms Brandon Staley will finish the season with the Chargers

Rapoport taking the time to compliment Staley and completely dispel any notion that he will be fired is essentially parroting a message from the Chargers organization. Rapoport has reported closely on the Chargers before and has even been included in the team's 'All In' video series. It is obvious that there is a connection there and Rapoport saying these things weren't merely a coincidence.

It goes even deeper than that, though. Rapoport and Staley are both represented by Sharron Elkabas of MN2S. MN2S represents a myriad of players and coaches throughout the league but the connection is interesting to note considering the timing of Rapoport's TV hit.

It probably isn't a coincidence that one of the NFL's most-informed insiders so happens to go on a positive tangent about Staley (which isn't true) on the exact same day that many Chargers fans thought he was going to be fired.

The timing is intentional and the message, without Rap outright saying it, should be loud and clear. Brandon Staley is not going anywhere at least for the rest of the regular season.