NFL Draft grades: Grading every pick Chargers made in 2024 NFL Draft

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Chargers draft grade for Ladd McConkey: A+

The Chargers got a first-round talent in the second round by taking Ladd McConkey. To do so, the team moved back just 27 spots on day three of the draft to move up four spots in the second. This was smart, as after Keon Coleman and McConkey, there was a big drop-off at receiver.

McConkey is a route technician whose athleticism pops off the film. Early on in his career he might end up playing a lot more slot than outside but he will not be pigeonholed to the position for long. He is someone who can get open and can move around the formation.

Comparing him to Keenan Allen is incredibly unfair and if he can have 70% of the season Allen had last season it would be a glaring success. But because of his ability to get open with smooth route running, it feels like the Chargers have an athletic receiver with Allen traits.

Chargers draft grade for Junior Colson: A

As alluded to, the Chargers nailed the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft to make the Joe Alt selection at five look even better in hindsight. After moving up for their guy at wide receiver in the second round, the Chargers stayed pat with the 69th pick in round three and still landed their guy.

Los Angeles desperately needed a starting-caliber linebacker, especially one who could thrive in pass coverage. That is exactly what Junior Colson is bringing to the team and his prior experience with Jesse Minter is going to give him a huge leg up.

Colson may not have the highest ceiling in the world but that is fine. The Chargers drafted someone who could start right away in a position at need for the defense. This was the perfect blend of best player available intersecting with a roster need.