3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals Chargers fans can laugh at

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Chargers fans can laugh at the Raiders committing to Gardner Minshew

The entire premise of this article was originally based on the idea that each team in the AFC West had one move that Chargers fans could laugh at this offseason. However, as unfortunate as it is for the Bolts, the Kansas City Chiefs haven't made any bad moves thus far. Everything the Chiefs have done is calculated and smart.

Thus, we all need to laugh at the Raiders for a second time. No Chargers fan is ever going to complain about laughing at the Raiders, though.

Wilkins was the most expensive contract the Raiders signed this offseason with the second-most expensive being Gardner Minshew. The Raiders signed Minshew to a two-year, $25 million contract for him to essentially serve as the bridge quarterback/backup.

Minshew is solid in that role and is particularly good in that role for teams that have a chance to make the playoffs. The Raiders do not, so why the team spent $12.5 million a year on someone like Minshew makes no sense.

The scary move that the Raiders could have made was trading for Justin Fields. Fields went for absolutely nothing and he would have given the Raiders someone to compete for the job with high upside. Just like Minshew, it would have been a two-year commitment on Fields.

Instead, the Raiders signed the most average quarterback possible and will likely be drafting a quarterback in the first round of a draft where there are six teams ahead of them looking to take a quarterback.

Vegas might end up with the sixth or seventh-best prospect and Minshew as the only options in the quarterback room. That is great news for Chargers fans.