3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals Chargers fans can laugh at

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Chargers fans can laugh at the Raiders signing Christian Wilkins

This was a take that we here at Bolt Beat deployed as soon as the Christian Wilkins signing was announced for the Raiders. Because Wilkins is such a big name the natural reaction was for most Raiders fans to build this signing up, and for Chargers fans to worry about what this might mean this season.

In reality, this doesn't change the ceiling of the Raiders. Wilkins is a solid player and he is one of the best run-stuffing defensive linemen in the sport. That being said, this is a passing league and if you are going to be elite in one aspect, it is better to be an elite pass rusher.

All those factors considered, Tom Telesco decided to continue his old Chargers ways and make a massive signing for one player instead of building out the depth of the roster. The Raiders could have filled various holes with the money they used on Wilkins. Instead, the team spent $110 million on a run-defense specialist who turns 29 this season.

Last season was the best season of Wilkins' career in terms of rushing the passer and he finished top 10 in pressures among interior defensive linemen. While that seemingly justifies the signing, it leaves out the fact that Wilkins' pressure numbers were only high because of the number of chances he had.

In terms of pass-rush win rate, Wilkins was still very mediocre. The now-former Dolphin finished 75th among interior defensive linemen in pass-rush win rate and had the exact same pass-rush win rate as Sebastian Joseph-Day. No Chargers fan was calling Joseph-Day an elite pass-rusher last season.

All that to say Wilkins is a good player who was severely overpaid and that will hurt the rest of the Raiders' roster. Sound familiar, Chargers fans?