3 mistakes Chargers must avoid making at all costs in 2024 NFL Draft

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3. Chargers must avoid taking Joe Alt with the fifth pick

Most Chargers fans know that this is not a reasonable outcome for the team but that has not stopped Joe Alt from being mocked to the Chargers with the fifth pick. It would be one thing for the Bolts to trade back and take a tackle, it would be a completely different story if they took Alt at five.

Even trading back and taking a tackle is less than ideal as the Chargers would be missing out on a chance to draft a legitimate franchise wide receiver with the fifth pick. Some players are too good to pass on, and that is the case with Nabers and Harrison.

But at least with the trade back there is added value and the chance to take someone like Brian Thomas Jr. later in the first round. Outright taking Alt with the fifth pick would be a horrible use of resources and would be bad roster building.

Switching from left tackle to right tackle is not a given for every NFL prospect and the Chargers definitely would not move Rashawn Slater to right tackle. Plus, a lot of Trey Pipkins woes last season were schematic. With better coaching, better blocking tight ends next to him and a better recognition of blitz packages, Pipkins can hold his own.

There is also this disillusion that Herbert was pressured at an absurd rate last season. Of the 26 quarterbacks with 400 dropbacks last season Herbert ranked 12th in pressure rate. Obviously, the lower that number can get the better, but Herbert was right around the league median.

Harbaugh may want to improve the running game in LA, but he has to be smart enough to know that taking a tackle with the fifth pick will be a mistake.