3 mistakes Chargers must avoid making at all costs in 2024 NFL Draft

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The 2024 NFL Draft is extremely important for the LA Chargers as Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz look to kickstart a new era for the franchise. Whether or not the Chargers nail this draft will determine if the team can realistically win a Super Bowl in the next half-decade with Harbaugh at the helm.

No draft class is going to have a 100% hit rate and Chargers fans have to understand that not every player from Harbaugh's first class will be a hit. The draft class does not need to have such an unrealistic hit rate to be considered a success.

That being said, if this class is going to go down as a catalyst for the franchise then the team is going to have to avoid making certain mistakes that could come back to haunt LA.

1. Chargers must avoid over-drafting Blake Corum

This is not to say that the Chargers shouldn't draft Blake Corum at all. Based on how the 2024 NFL Draft pans out, there is absolutely a situation in which it makes sense for Jim Harbaugh to reunite with his Michigan running back.

That being said, no situation that involves taking Corum in the first two days of the draft would make sense. The fourth round is the absolute earliest the Chargers should be taking Corum and if the team wants to take a running back in round three, is should be Tennessee's Jaylen Wright.

There are several talented running backs who should be available in the fourth round so the Chargers do not need to reach for Corum out of fear of not landing a quality back. USC's MarShawn Lloyd is another exciting back with ties to the Chargers who would be a great fallback in round four for Corum.

Corum is a talented back and if the Chargers can get him on day three then great. But the team cannot over-draft him simply because he is from Michigan.