Michigan inherently reveals Chargers defensive coordinator with head coach choice

Colorado State v Michigan
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Less than one full month after reaching the mountaintop and winning the National Championship with Michigan Jim Harbaugh agreed to become the next head coach of the LA Chargers. This is the big-name hire that Chargers fans have desperately waited for as Harbaugh will look to reinvent the culture in LA.

This was obviously a massive blow for Michigan but at the very least the program got a National Championship out of Harbaugh. Harbaugh brought relevancy back to a program that so desperately needed it and for that, he will be remembered as an icon in Ann Arbor forever.

Being the guy to replace Harbaugh is no easy feat and it did not take the Wolverines long to find their man. It was rather simple, actually, as Michigan is promoting offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to head coach following Harbaugh's departure.

This is relevant to the Chargers, as it all but confirms who the team's defensive coordinator is going to be alongside Harbaugh.

Jesse Minter is a lock to be Chargers defensive coordinator after Sherrone Moore's Michigan promotion

Nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing this but Jesse Minter has long been the obvious candidate to come to Los Angeles with Harbaugh and be the defensive coordinator. Minter has NFL experience and has been exceptional for the Wolverines. Bringing him in to reinvent the defensive side of the football is a no-brainer for the Chargers.

Minter himself has plenty of reasons to jump back to the NFL and eventually work his way into becoming a head coach. The only thing that could have potentially stopped that from happening is if Michigan hired him, not Moore, to be the program's next head coach.

Moore felt like the favorite all along to be the next head coach but Minter at least had a chance. After all, he did serve as the interim coach in Michigan's first game of the season in 2023 while Harbaugh was serving a suspension.

Minter could theoretically stay at Michigan and serve as Moore's defensive coordinator but following Harbaugh to the NFL is a much more fruitful path. Barring some unforeseen loyalty to the University of Michigan, Chargers fans should be expecting the Jesse Minter confirmation in the coming days.

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