Melvin Gordon has sad response for Chargers fans' pettiness on Twitter

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There have been plenty of talented players that have come and gone on the LA Chargers in recent years but none have been as polarizing as 2014 first-round pick, Melvin Gordon.

Gordon started off his career on a pretty solid note for the Bolts and it appeared that the team had its franchise running back for the foreseeable future. When it was time to discuss a new contract, Gordon pulled a Le'Veon Bell and held out.

Gordon did not get the deal he wanted and it rubbed Chargers fans the wrong way. The former Wiconsin running back then dug his grave even deeper when he said that he was prepared for there being no fans for the covid-19 season from his days playing with the Chargers.

All of this has made Gordon one of the most hated former players in recent franchise history and Chargers fans have let him know that at every turn. Gordon, who is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, seemingly forgot about this virtuol as Chargers fans made it clear they did not want the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl because of Gordon.

Why Gordon thought he was on good terms with Chargers fans is beyond us. He didn't do anything other than fumble countless times for the Denver Broncos and get cut to get back in the good graces with Chargers fans. You can't pretend like a fanbase doesn't exist and then think it will be buddy-buddy moving forward.

Either way, a former Chargers player will get a ring after the Super Bowl.

Not only can Chargers fans root against Gordon in the Super Bowl but they could also root for former Charger Kyzir White. White had a breakout season with the Chargers in 2021 and somehow did not re-sign with the team despite only getting $3 million as a free agent.

Even though he left, White is still in good terms with Chargers fans and it is safe to say that everyone in the fanbase (and the current Chargers locker room) is rooting for him to have his moment in the Super Bowl.

White is not the only person on the Eagles who connects to the Chargers, either. Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen has become a hot commodity in the coaching cycle after producing one of the best offenses in the league in Philly.

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The former Chargers offensive coordinator could end up winning a Super Bowl (and subsequently getting a head-coaching job) two years after the Chargers decided to part ways. That is a great trade-off for Steichen.