4 logical conclusions we can draw from the Chargers trading Keenan Allen

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(4) This staff trusts and believes in Justin Herbert

The previous three conclusions we've made have positive and negative sides to the coin.

You'll get Charger fans who still believe in Quentin Johnston while others have written him off completely.

You'll get Charger fans who think the defense is the side of the ball that should be overhauled instead of the offense.

You'll also get Charger fans who are stoked about a potential stud wide receiver and others who truly believe Bowers is the guy.

We all might be able to agree, however, that the moves that are being made right now signify the belief Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz have in Justin Herbert. Letting go of such a Charger legend like Keenan Allen, who's clearly formed a strong connection with Justin, should tell us the new regime believes in Justin's ability to elevate just about anybody they put out there to throw the ball to.

Much like how Andy Reid and the Chiefs believe Patrick Mahomes elevates just about anybody he throws to.

That is what should keep us excited about this new era of Charger football, despite the heartbreaking loss of a legendary receiver. The people now in charge think so highly of Justin that they believe he can lose basically every weapon he has and still put them in position to win games.