4 logical conclusions we can draw from the Chargers trading Keenan Allen

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3. Chargers will now most likely draft a receiver at five

Justin is now down his top four targets, or at least four of his top five. Only Joshua Palmer remains along with the scarcely-utilized Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis. This has to mean we're going to be seeing the Bolts go for a receiver in the upcoming draft, right? At least if they decide to keep the pick at #5.

Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, and Rome Odunze are all on the table for that number-five pick. Nabers appears to be the likely available option assuming Arizona takes Harrison Jr. like they should, but there is a very real possibility we're going to get our pick of Harrison or Nabers if the Cardinals balk.

It's also possible to trade back and still land on Rome Odunze, who's a very good fit for us, as much as everybody is fixated on Harrison and Nabers.

The moves the Chargers have been making signify a logical conclusion that wide receiver will be the initial position to go after come draft time since they've gutted the receiving core. Unfortunately, that most likely takes Brock Bowers off the table, in part due to the recent cuts and in part due to the signings of Will Dissly and Hayden Hurst.

And that hurts to say, because Bowers was somebody myself and so many other Charger fans were pumped about drafting. Keenan Allen with Joshua Palmer, Quentin Johnston, another mid-round receiver (Troy Franklin, for example), and then a dominant tight end like Brock Bowers would make these guys a contender immediately.

We've seen how a dominant tight end can facilitate a dynasty in the NFL, i.e. Travis Kelce with the Chiefs and Rob Gronkowski with the Patriots. We've also seen how dominant tight ends can put teams in prime contending positions.

If you have a great tight end, you're going to have a big time offense. That's just the way it is in this league. It's arguably the hardest skill position to game plan for.

Elite wide receivers can be game planned against and taken out of the mix. Especially if you've got an elite corner on them. Elite tight ends are nearly impossible to stifle. That's the kind of player Brock Bowers could be for the Chargers, and this is a team that needs to start positioning itself to rival the Chiefs and make sure they never win another Super Bowl. Bowers brings you much, much closer to that goal.

Unfortunately, it's not looking great for that pairing right now. We can logically conclude that Bowers could very well be off the table for our Bolts now that receiver is the position of highest need on this roster.