Latest NFL Draft quarterback rumor bodes extremely well for Chargers

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The 2024 NFL Draft is right around the corner and despite how close it is there is no concrete theory on what the LA Chargers are going to do with the fifth pick. GM Joe Hortiz has given fans a pretty big hint on how the team will approach the fifth pick but there are so many variables that will impact the Bolts in the first four picks.

This is a quarterback-heavy draft class while the first pick is locked in stone, picks two through four can all be different. Picks two and three will also have a huge impact on the fourth pick, as it may decide whether or not the Arizona Cardinals will get the right kind of offer to trade down.

There is a lot of speculation around what will happen in the draft with the latest rumors actually favoring the Chargers' cause of trying to get Marvin Harrison Jr. with the fifth pick. As unlikely as it may have seemed a few weeks ago, there is actually some smoke around Michigan's J.J. McCarthy going as high as third overall (presumably to the New England Patriots, who would stay put).

J.J. McCarthy NFL Draft rumors help the Chargers' cause

McCarthy going third overall to the Patriots would certainly be a variable that not many are anticipating at this point in the draft process. The Michigan quarterback has widely been viewed as the fourth-best quarterback in this class and is on a tier below the likes of Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye.

Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh has done a great job of hyping McCarthy up during the pre-draft process and that could be playing a role in his prominent rise up the draft boards. Regardless of the cause, McCarthy going as high as three would still be a shock but would help the Chargers.

If McCarthy is taken third by the Patriots that means that one of Daniels or Maye is going to fall to the fourth pick. And if one of those two quarterbacks falls, the Cardinals are going to get the kind of trade offers they want from quarterback-hungry teams to move down up in the draft.

Suddenly, the situation emerges where the first four picks in the draft are quarterbacks and the Chargers truly can get the best prospect in the draft in Marvin Harrison Jr. All because Harbaugh has done a great job at hyping up his former QB.

The biggest variable in this happening is McCarthy as it is unclear just how he is viewed by NFL teams, and whether or not said teams would actually trade up for him. But if the Patriots are high enough on McCarthy to make a surprising pick then we know there will be a team high enough on the other quarterbacks to trade up to four.