Latest Chargers offensive coordinator candidate is the most likely hire yet

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The LA Chargers are looking for a new offensive coordinator after firing Joe Lombardi just two years into his tenure with the team. LA's offense struggled far more than it should have in 2022 and was a key part of the team's meltdown in the Wild Card Round against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Bolts have interviewed or requested to interview several different candidates thus far. Brandon Staley made it clear in his post-season presser that the team will take its time to find the most qualified candidate, so an offical decision might not be for quite some time.

That being said, the Chargers are planning to interview arguably the most likely candidate thus far on Wednesday. While Frank Reich might be the best possible offensive coordinator, the most likely (based on the current candidates) might just be Thomas Brown.

Why Thomas Brown has a great chance of being Chargers offensive coordinator:

Thomas Brown follows a trend that the Chargers have established this offseason as he is currently coaching under Sean McVay. Staley made it clear he values the McVay/Shanahan coaching tree and the team has not been shy in interviewing coaches from this tree thus far.

That is not the only reason why Brown as a great chance as he is not the only one that comes from the tree. Instead, working in Brown's favor is his experience. When you compare him to someone like Zac Robinson (also from the Rams coaching staff), the difference in experience is noticeable.

Brown has been on the McVay staff since 2020 and has mastered the McVay offense. That is exactly what Staley wants to hear, as that is the offense he wants to build on the Chargers. Prior to that, Brown spent a decade coaching at the collegiate level in various roles for various programs.

There is one common denominator about Brown and his coaching career: his proficiency with the run game. Staley mentioned multiple times during his post-season presser that the Chargers need to "marry the pass to the run". The Bolts were one of the worst running teams in the league last season.

Brown is perhaps the most qualified candidate when it comes to turning the running game around that comes from the McVay coaching tree. That extra experience (and success) could absolutely be the tiebreaker if it comes down to him or Robinson.

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Regardless, it would be shocking if the Chargers don't hire someone that is coming from this 49ers/Rams coaching tree. Brown checks all the boxes and should be considered a favorite at this point in time.