Ladd McConkey has perfect response to being drafted by Chargers

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The Chargers did not waste any time on day two of the NFL Draft, trading up from the 37th pick to the 33rd pick to draft Georgia wide receiver Ladd McConkey. Los Angeles utilized the pick it received in the Keenan Allen trade to move up four spots to secure McConkey.

Wide receiver was the biggest roster need that the Bolts had entering the second round of the draft so it is no surprise that the team went that direction with its first pick in the second round. And with the selection, the Chargers got a receiver who has a first-round skillset.

It is safe to say that Chargers fans are excited about the McConkley selection and that it made the Alt selection look better in comparison. McConky seems excited about coming to the Chargers as well, as he raved about his new quarterback while speaking to media after being by the Bolts (h/t Kris Rhim, ESPN).

"Just watching (Herbert's) game, it comes easy to him. He can make any and every throw. Excited to get out there, get in rhythm with him, show him what I can do and gain his trust."

Ladd McConkey has perfect Justin Herbert response to being drafted by Chargers

Anytime someone comes to the Chargers and instantly starts hyping up Justin Herbert then he is going to be a fan favorite. Herbert is the life and soul of this team and McConkley knows that. He wasted no time to make it clear that he knows where his bread will be buttered.

The context of what McConkley is saying is very important as well. As it stands right now, the Chargers do not really have that super reliable option that Herbert can turn to in the passing game. He lost his two most reliable guys and while Joshua Palmer has had stretches, nobody else has emerged as that safety outlet.

With his crisp route-running, head-turning athleticism and innate ability to just get open, it may not take very long at all for McConkley to earn Herbert's trust and become a constant target for Herbert in the passing game. Once Herbert likes a target, he often goes to them time and time again.

McConkley is not the best receiver coming out of this draft class and he might not be the best all-around receiver on the team right away. But because of his unique skillset and how it plays off of Herbert (and the likely increase in play-action passing plays), don't be surprised if McConkley is one of the most productive rookie receivers in 2024.

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