LA Chargers Week 5 overreactions: The Chargers are the best team in the AFC

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Mike Williams
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Take 4: Mike Williams has surpassed Keenan Allen

Mike Williams has been the biggest surprise of the entire season for the LA Chargers. Williams was entering the fifth-year player option on his rookie contract and quite frankly, his Charger career was a bit disappointing up until this season.

Williams had a pretty good 2019 season but he still was not living up to the hype of being the seventh overall pick in the draft. If you are going to pick a receiver that high in the draft they have to be a bonafide WR1 and if they are not then it is a wasted pick.

Williams has been playing like a WR1 this season and has not only been the main weapon on the LA Chargers but has been one of the best receivers in the entire NFL. Williams had yet another insane game, hauling in eight catches for 165 yards and two touchdowns.

Williams now ranked seventh in the league in total receptions, fifth in total yards and stands alone at no. 1 with six receiving touchdowns. He has been exceptional this season and is playing like a top-five receiver in the league.

yearsHowever, it is a small sample size and when we rank the receivers we have to weigh both current play and the pre-existing stock of the player from years' past. For that reason, Keenan Allen can still say he is better than Williams.

Allen has dealt with some drops and has not been featured nor targeted to the extent that Williams has thus far this season. Allen has also been one of the top receivers in the league for years now, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

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Allen still has more receptions than Williams and the yards will start to come along with those receptions. The drops will end up being a fluke and there is still a good chance that Allen finishes the season with the most receiving yards on the team.

It would be disrespectful to Allen to say that Williams has already surpassed him. However, with Allen's age and the potential for regression, Williams is well on his way with this breakout season.

Verdict: Overreaction (for now)