LA Chargers Week 5 overreactions: The Chargers are the best team in the AFC

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Brandon Staley
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Take 3: Brandon Staley is a top coach in the NFL

We as fans tend to look at things through the biased lens and every fan of every team convinces themselves that whatever new hire they made on the coaching staff is going to work. It is a common practice to overrate a coach before they coached any games.

That being said, Brandon Staley was different. Sure, he was being looked at through bias-colored lenses by Charger fans but he had it. He was very well-spoken, showcased his football IQ instantly and had a track record that consisted of nothing but success.

We still had to see it in action before officially declaring that he is a great coach and in five weeks we can now safely say that is is an exceptional coach. The way these guys get up for Brandon Staley is something we have not seen in years.

Heck, Joey Bosa even took a subtle jab at Anthony Lynn and showcased the difference between his older playing days and his current playing days. As Bosa said, when Staley talks, everyone listens.

This all depends on what someone would define as a top coach. Is that someone with accolades? Is it the top five? Top 10? Top seven? Some coaches get in on pedigree and others are simply amazing coaches (Sean McVay).

Staley has already done a lot to this team, has completely changed the culture of the Chargers and his coaching is having a direct impact on the game, whether it is the decisions to go for it on fourth down or winning challenges as he did against the Raiders to steal a possession.

As far as we are concerned, Brandon Staley has all the requirements to be considered a top coach, regardless of what the standard is.

Verdict: Not an overreaction