LA Chargers Week 5 overreactions: The Chargers are the best team in the AFC

Cleveland Browns v LA Chargers
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Nick Chubb
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Take 2: The Cleveland Browns exposed a bad LA Chargers defense

The LA Chargers defense was not great in this one. The Bolts allowed 42 points and the Browns did almost anything they wanted on the offensive side of the football. It was a mess and quite frankly, the defense looked atrocious.

However, one game does not decide the worth of a team's overall talent or the talent of one unit. A specific area of the team can have a really bad game and that does not mean that it is bad. It was just a bad day.

Chargers'That being said, the Browns did exploit the holes in the Chargers defense. It is no secret that the Chargers' run defense is a serious problem (that is not even an overreaction take, that is just a fact) and the Browns are the best running team in the league.

This was a nightmare matchup for the Bolts in that regard and it went as expected. Both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt ran all over the Chargers. However, as we saw at the end of the game when the Browns could not rely on the run the offense was not as efficient.

The run defense is a problem, however, I would not say that the defense as a whole got exposed. Is it close to what Brandon Staley did with the LA Rams? Not yet. But there are areas where the defense is really strong and this was just a nightmare matchup that the Browns took advantage of.

While the Ravens are a threat to run because of their quarterback, there is not another team in the league that will run the football between the tackles like the Browns. That is good for the Bolts.

Verdict: Overreaction