LA Chargers: 3 matchups that will determine Week 4 outcome vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
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Darren Waller, Jerome Baker
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3. Michael Davis/Derwin James vs. Darren Waller

Every game is different and there is a good chance that Michael Davis does not even line up against Darren Waller. One thing is for certain though: whichever matchup Brandon Staley likes best will be what the defense throws at Darren Waller in this one.

We assumed that Derwin James would stick to Travis Kelce like glue in Week 3 and Davis was the one that got most of the snaps against the All-Pro tight end. Kelce had a pretty good game but the Bolts were able to keep him out of the endzone, making it a win.

It would not be all that surprising to see Davis on Waller in a similar fashion. The Raiders are similar to the Chiefs (albeit much less threatening) as they have speed options around their elite tight end. The Chargers can gameplan for Henry Ruggs the same way they did Tyreek Hil.

However, with Chris Harris hopefully coming back in this game we might see more Derwin James on Waller. Harris played mostly safety in Week 1 against Washington and having him back there may allow James to stick on the tight end, putting Davis out wide with Asante Samuel Jr.

Regardless of who gets the duties, keeping Waller from having a massive game is the most important matchup for the Chargers on defense. Quite frankly, while they are 3-0, a massive game from Waller is the only thing I can see keeping the Raiders in this game.

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Limit Waller and force Derek Carr to beat you. Carr has been really good this season and is underrated as a whole, but when if it comes down to a battle between Carr and Justin Herbert, you know who we are taking.