LA Chargers Week 3 overreactions: Have the Bolts surpassed the Chiefs?

LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Mike Williams
LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

Take 2: Mike Williams is one of the top receivers in the league

Whether or not this is an overreaction depends on the subjective use of the word "top". If by top receiver in the league someone means in the top 20 then no, this is not an overreaction. However, things get more complicated when we start to shrink the list.

When it comes to the top receivers in terms of performance this season Williams is near the top, if not at the top, of the list. Brandon Staley and Joe Lombardi raved about Williams and his role in this offense before the season and in a contract year, Williams has performed just as they teased and more.

Prior to Monday Night Football, Williams is sixth in the league in receiving yards (295), second in touchdowns (4) and fifth in receptions (22). All of those numbers point to Williams being a top-five receiver in the league.

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However, the conversation among who the best in the league is goes deeper than just the stats through three weeks. Williams is going to have to continue to produce at a high level to be considered a top receiver in the league because right now, in terms of the pecking order, he is not even the best receiver on his team.

I would rank Williams outside of the top 10 and within the top 20. He probably belongs somewhere in the 15-18 range with plenty of room to grow. This is by no means a knock on him as a player, but he was not that great last season and he is prone to get hurt.

He can easily move into the backend of the top 10 if he continues these numbers throughout the entire 2021 season. And if he does, the LA Chargers will be able to definitively say that they have the best receiving duo in the NFL.

The verdict is unique but again, this take is pretty subjective based on what someone means by a "top receiver".

Verdict: Overreaction (top 10), not an overreaction (top 20)