LA Chargers Week 3 overreactions: Have the Bolts surpassed the Chiefs?

LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
LA Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images
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The LA Chargers went into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and shocked the Kansas City Chiefs to give them their first losing record since Patrick Mahomes took over at quarterback. The defense forced four takeaways and when the game was on the line Brandon Staley trusted in his quarterback and offense.

As we do with every Chargers game, win or lose, we are going to break down some of the most common takes following the Week 3 outcome and deem whether or not they are overreactions or if they are justified.

Let's get into the takes.

Take 1: The LA Chargers have surpassed the Kansas City Chiefs

A huge win like this on the road, mixed with the fact that the Chiefs are 1-2 on the season, may leave some to believe that the Bolts are higher on the pecking order than the Chiefs. While it sounds crazy to a Chiefs fan, it is not completely unfounded.

Kansas City has a serious problem with its defense and while its offense is elite, there are plenty of elite offenses in the league. The gap between the Chiefs' offense and other great offenses is no longer as big as it once was and with a bad defense, there are legitimate concerns for Kansas City fans.

The Chiefs are tied with the Detroit Lions for the most points allowed through three weeks at 95. The Dallas Cowboys, whose defense has been dissected all over the media, would have to allow 47 points on Monday Night Football to be tied with the Chiefs.

The Chiefs' stock is rightfully down, but they still get the benefit of the doubt. They still have the best quarterback in the league and they have not had an easy schedule, playing three tough offensive teams in the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and the Chargers.

While this is a huge win for the Chargers and the hope is that they will be on the same level or even surpass the Chiefs by the end of the season, it is way too soon to make that kind of claim now. Let's not forget the sloppy loss the team had just a week ago.

This was a great win, but there is plenty more work to be done.

Verdict: Overreaction (For now)