LA Chargers: 3 matchups that will determine Week 3 outcome vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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2. Michael Davis vs. Tyreek Hill

This may also seem like a no-brainer but the next-most important matchup that the LA Chargers must win is between top corner Michael Davis and the best receiver the Chiefs have to offer, Tyreek Hill.

A "win" here is not necessarily a bad game from Hill. The Chiefs are going to get yards even if the Chargers are able to slow down Hill and Kelce. A win here for the Bolts is not allowing any huge plays from Hill and Patrick Mahomes, particularly on third down.

The Chiefs are fantastic at getting these big plays that can move the chains and if the Chargers can limit that then they are going to like their chances. The best way to limit those big plays is by slowing down Hill.

Hill could have a seven-catch, 80-yard game and while that might not seem that great for the LA Chargers it would be a win. Slow him down as much as you can and bank on Derwin James locking down Travis Kelce.

Michael Davis has had some success against Hill in the past. Quite frankly, Hill has not had a big game against the LA Chargers since Week 1 of the 2018 season. The Bolts have been able to at least hold him at bay and it helps to have a tall, insanely fast cornerback like Davis.

In Week 2 last season he caught five passes for 99 yards and a touchdown. That is a good game for sure but the Chargers did a really good job of keeping Hill in check for most of the game. He just had one massive 54-yard touchdown on a play where Chris Harris was guarding him.

And as Drue Tranquill told us about the old defense, sometimes they simply did not focus on the matchups.

The game before that he caught four passes for 61 yards, the game before that he had zero catches and the game before that he went four for 46.

Davis is going to need help. They are going to have to double Hill, likely with Nasir Adderley over the top. However, there is precedent for the Chargers to keep Hill to a five-reception, 50-yard game.