LA Chargers Week 2 overreactions: Is the run defense a serious problem?

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Storm Norton
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4. Storm Norton is a liability on the LA Chargers offensive line

Storm Norton took over after halftime of Week 1 for Bryan Bulaga and did a fairly good job. While he did let up the pressure that resulted in the bad fumble call, for the most part, he had a fairly solid game.

That was not the case in this one. While the offensive line play was not as bad as it was last season, Norton was not very good in this game as he was consistently getting beat by rookie Micah Parsons.

Let's not forget that Parsons is an inside linebacker who played defensive end in this game with the injuries that the Cowboys suffered. While he is versatile and very talented, he should not have succeeded as much as he did playing a position he has not played since high school.

Watching it transpire was frustrating. It was very obvious that Parsons was going to attack inside of Norton on pass reps yet he could not figure it out. He really struggled in the matchup against Parsons.

Nine pressures in 51 snaps. 17.6% of his snaps he allowed pressure and quite frankly, that might be a bit generous. That is not a good day at the office.

Norton does not get the benefit of the doubt for being solid in Week 1. He is not a proven starter who had a bad day. He is a relatively unproven backup who struggled last season who had one good half in Week 1.

Unfortunately, it is fair to say that Norton is a liability on this offensive line and he is going to start for at least two more weeks. We can't say we didn't see this coming, either, and that is why it was so important in the offseason for the team to bring in a viable swing tackle.

Verdict: Not an overreaction