LA Chargers: 3 franchise records that could be broken in Week 18

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Keenan Allen
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3. Keenan Allen: Receptions

Keenan Allen enters this Week 18 game with 100 receptions. Allen is tied for fifth in the NFL receptions despite missing the New York Giants game this season as he was on the COVID-19 list. He is having yet another great Keenan Allen season and is on pace to break his own record.

Allen holds the record for the most receptions in one season in franchise history with 104. As long as Allen has the kind of game that he is capable of, then there is a good chance that he hauls in five catches to surpass his own career mark. If Herbert has the massive game that we alluded to then it is a near-guarantee that Allen is able to raise the bar even higher.

Since he missed a game he is going this in the 16-game sample size as well. If he is able to play all 17 games next season then he will probably end up breaking the record yet again as he has not shown any signs (yet) of regressing.

If there was not a 17-game season then Allen's 15-game total would have finished tied for third in franchise history. He ranks first with 104 receptions in 2019, second with 102 receptions in 2017 and third with 100 receptions in 2020. He also ranks sixth with 97 receptions in 2018.

It is a true shame that Allen battled so many injuries early on in his career as he would undoubtedly be on pace to challenge the all-time receptions total. Allen currently ranks 10th in NFL history for the most receptions through a player's first nine seasons. If he hauls in eight catches on Sunday then he will pass Calvin Johnson for ninth.

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If he plays two seasons (they don't even have to be full, just mostly full) in 2015 and 2016 then he would rank first. He had 67 receptions in eight games in 2015 and six receptions in one half in 2016. He could have easily finished with an extra 150 receptions in those two seasons, which would have given him 874 leading into Sunday. The all-time leader is Marvin Harrison with 845.