Week 12 outcomes that would help the LA Chargers playoff chances

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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Cleveland Browns defeat Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are another team that could end up being the top seed in the AFC and get the only bye week in the playoffs. Baltimore is currently the second seed in the AFC and if they win in Week 12 and the Patriots beat the Titans then they would be the top team in the AFC.

Like the other games in this article (aside from the Bucs game), both teams are in the AFC playoff picture and you could make the case for the Browns losing this game. The Browns are a potential team that could kick the Chargers out of the playoff picture and them winning helps that case.

If the Chargers lose then it would be better for the Browns to lose their game. However, once again, we are assuming that the Bolts should be able to beat the Broncos on Sunday and thus, the better outcome for the Chargers is for the Ravens to lose.

The math is the exact same as the Patriots-Titans game. If the Chargers are going to have any chance of being the top seed in the AFC then they need the teams at the top to pile up the losses. If Baltimore losses and the Patriots beat the Titans then all the top teams in the AFC would have four losses.

That puts the Chargers right in the hunt as they also would have four losses. This AFC playoff picture is crazy and the Chargers need it to keep getting crazier to increase their chances.

Baltimore has some tough games coming up that they can continue to lose as well. They have another game against the Browns, two against the Steelers, the Bengals, the Rams and the Packers. The Ravens might end up getting out of the hunt for the top seed regardless, but every loss helps the Chargers.

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As for the Browns, they have not been that impressive this year and the Chargers should be able to outlast them. They ironically have two straight games against Baltimore (Week 13 bye), the Raiders, Packers, Steelers and Bengals.