LA Chargers: Score predictions for each AFC West game in Week 1

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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The LA Chargers take on the Washington Football Team in Week 1 of the 2021 season looking to get off on the right foot and start 1-0 for the third consecutive year.

If the Chargers are lucky, they could maybe even start the season in first place in the AFC West. It goes without saying that there is still plenty of football left to play, but it would be a nice way to start what is hopefully going to be a great season.

In our betting odds preview piece, I predicted that the LA Chargers would start the season 1-0 and defeat the Washington Football Team, 23-17. But what about the rest of the AFC West?

Predicting the Week 1 outcomes for the LA Chargers' AFC West foes:

Denver Broncos at New York Giants:

The Denver Broncos quietly have one of the better rosters in the NFL that is held back by the quarterback position. While Teddy Bridgewater is not a terrible quarterback, he still ranks pretty low compared to his peers.

The Broncos have solid weapons, have a good offensive line and will have a top-10 defense. The team can only go as far as Bridgewater and head coach Vin Fangio takes them, which might not be very far.

That being said, they are essentially coming up against a less-talented version of themselves. Unless Daniel Jones has a Josh Allen-level year three breakout, the Giants are like the B- version of the Broncos, who already are not a premier team by any means.

The Broncos should feast on the Giants' offensive line to force Jones to make mistakes while Teddy B game-manages his way to a win.

Final score prediction: Denver Broncos 20, New York Giants 13