4 most important LA Chargers training camp position battles

Los Angeles Chargers Mandatory Minicamp
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Biggest position battles of LA Chargers training camp:

3. Third outside linebacker — Emeke Egbule vs. Chris Rumph vs. Kyler Fackrell

This might sound a bit confusing considering there is a strong side and weak side outside linebacker, so let me explain. With the LA Chargers transitioning to a 3-4 defense, Joey Bosa and Uchenna Nwosu will serve as the two starting outside linebackers.

Bosa is likely going to spend most of his time on the weak side while Nwosu is on the strong side. Of course, those things are not locked in stone and can be moved around.

There is going to be a lot of rotating on the defensive line, which is why it is important to figure out who the third-best outside linebacker is in 2021. Joey Bosa is likely going to get some snaps as a defensive end in the 3-4 defense while Nwosu cannot be fully trusted to be an every-down guy.

Nwosu has not played more than 37% of the defensive snaps in a season yet in his career. That inexperienced mixed with the desire to move Bosa around and get him the best matchup possible is going to make the third outside linebacker so important.

Any one of the three candidates could break out and be great but it would not be surprising if all three are mediocre. Chris Rumph is a rookie with potential but he definitely has holes in his game that he is going to have to work out.

Kyler Fackrell is an okay special teams player that is good for depth reasons but I am not sure if he is a great option to be getting a chunk of the pass-rushing snaps. Emeke Egbule is really an unknown to this point as he has only really played special teams in his two seasons in LA.

I still think it would be in the Chargers' best interest to bring in a veteran outside linebacker, such as K.J. Wright, that could add depth. Because right now I have no idea who is going to step up.